Pediatric and Geriatric Care

Special care for elderly patients and children are offered at Arden Park Dental Care . Both geriatric and pediatric patients need an understanding dentist who appreciates all the problems that can arise, due to age-related complications. Our pediatric and geriatric dentistry appointments are always conducted with calming care and consideration.

Geriatric Dentistry

Geriatric Care | Dr. Formoli | Sacramento DentistAn important aspect of dental treatment for elderly patients is to ensure we are aware of all medications taken, whether prescription or purchased over the counter. Any medications prescribed during a course of dental treatment need to be compatible with medications already taken, so adverse reactions do not occur. 

Elderly patients often find that age-related problems lead to loss of manual dexterity, with can cause difficulties with oral health and hygiene. We recommend using a toothbrush with a large handle as this is easier to hold and flossing with pre-strung dental floss that can be purchased in Y-shaped holders. 

We are happy to give our elderly patients as much assistance as possible to ensure ongoing dental health and have a commitment to taking care of any cosmetic treatments required to ensure our patients continue to eat with ease and comfort.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Care | Dr. Formoli | Sacramento DentistChildren need to be taught the best oral hygiene methods, to ensure that teeth and gums remain healthy and last a lifetime. We recommend appointments are made for children before they reach the age of one, so any problems can be detected from a very early age. 

We like to ensure all children we treat learn the best methods for taking care of oral hygiene, so their perfect smile lasts a lifetime. Where imperfections are detected we offer the most modern treatments, so your child does not grow up with fear or aversion of dentist's or dental treatments.

Tooth decay needs to spotted and treated at the very earliest stages, so regular appointments for assessments will make sure your precious child's teeth remain healthy and decay is treated with the most modern filling techniques at the earliest opportunity. If your child has a problem with a misaligned bite or teeth, our orthodontics treatments can be put in place from the moment the problem is detected and help to create the most perfect smile and teeth possible. 

We're confident that our pediatric and geriatric dentistry treatments offer you the best possible oral treatments available and our confident and caring approach to all patients does help to ensure that our most elderly patients and youngest children receive the most comprehensive and unique dental treatments and experiences to suit their needs within a modern pediatric and geriatric dentistry facility.