Importance of Periodontal Assessment

A periodontal assessment should be minimally scheduled every 6 months. This is one way to gain an accurate picture of your oral health. Your periodontal assessment looks at the teeth, levels of plaque, gums and bite, bone structure, and any risk factors.

Arden Park Dental Care | Sacramento DentistYour regular periodontal assessment is integral to the continuing health of your mouth and teeth. No matter whether you are a new or existing patient, arranging an annual assessment is really critical to your ongoing oral health.

Levels of periodontal disease in the United States are increasing and arranging an annual assessment is one way you can ensure your mouth remains healthy and problems are identified at an early stage. Health experts stress that periodontal disease is linked to a variety of other inflammatory diseases, so early detection of any inflammation is recommended.

Your dentist conducts a number of checks while carrying out your periodontal assessment, these include:

  • thorough inspection of all teeth, dental implants and the sub-gingival area which incorporates checking gum recession and looking for any inflammation
  • checks for the presence and levels of plaque and calculus
  • complete check for dental decay and inspection of any implants or dental restorations
  • bite check and analysis 
  • discussion of any potential risk factors, such as smoking or diseases


You can print off a complete check list prior to your assessment. This has been provided by the American Academy of Periodontology. This check list gives you details of all inspections your dentist will make and you can check off each item on the list as the assessment takes place. You’ll also find that printing off the check list prior to your assessment allows you opportunity to consider every aspect of your oral health so if you have any questions to ask the dentist during the appointment, you’ll be fully prepared.