Six Month Smile

If you’re concerned about crooked teeth or want to enhance the beauty of your natural smile, Six Months Smile treatment may be the best available orthodontics treatment to create the smile you’ve always wanted in a short space of time. Arden Park Dental Care are happy to provide this trademarked treatment, which involves using clear braces with tooth-colored wires, so will not interfere with your lifestyle in any way.

6 Months Smiles Treatment

Arden Park Dental Care | Sacramento Dentist | Six Month SmilesThe 6 months smiles treatment is the most effective way to create your beautiful smile, giving you straight and healthy teeth within a period of about six months. Braces are recognizably the best way to straighten teeth and the clear brackets of this Lucid-Lok system are combined with tooth-colored wires so your braces are barely visible and you won’t feel any embarrassment about leading your normal life.

This treatment utilizes the most modern cosmetic dentistry technologies to gently move your teeth into a better position and focuses on the teeth that are displayed when you smile. Your bite will hardly be affected by this treatment which is primarily focused upon gently straightening your teeth and carries little risk. There are no greater risks with this short treatment than with traditional orthodontics methods, so you should not experience root, gum or tooth damage.

Is 6 Months Smiles Right for Me?

You can speak to Dr. Formoli about this treatment if you need further information but if you have any of the following concerns about your teeth it’s possible that this could be a great way to create the smile you always wanted:

  • do you have gaps between teeth?
  • are some of your teeth crooked?
  • are your teeth crowded together?
  • are some of your teeth out of position?
  • are you worried or self conscious about smiling, laughing or speaking?
  • do you have good reason to create your beautiful smile, like a big occasion coming up in the near future?
  • would a better smile give you greater confidence in your work life?
  • do you need to speak in public? If so would creating your best smile be beneficial?

You may have had orthodontics treatments or braces when younger or perhaps you feel you have damaged teeth by grinding them together while sleeping. There are many reasons that adults feel unhappy with their overall smile and they very often impact on lifestyle and confidence.

Speak with Dr. Formoli about the very many benefits of the 6 months smiles treatment if you have any concerns about the beauty of your smile. You will find this orthodontics treatment very cost effective and the short time you commit to create the smile you always dreamed of will be worthwhile effort.