Bonded Fillings

Bonded fillings are white fillings and are a popular cosmetic dentistry technique to keep your smile as attractive as possible. Dentists that have skill and artistic flair like Dr. Formoli use bonded fillings and other bonding techniques to correct any deficiencies in your teeth and these types of fillings have an appearance that closely matches your real teeth.

Arden Park Dental Care | Sacramento Dentist | Bonded FillingBonded fillings are created using dental composite, this is a material which can be molded and shaped and is fabricated from a mix of resins and fillers. The team at Arden Park Dental Care in Sacramento can adjust the composite mixture so it has a color which most closely resembles the color of your existing teeth and this way the fillings cannot be noticed.

Bonded fillings can be used to fill cavities, repair broken or chipped teeth, close gaps between teeth or reshape existing teeth. If you have concerns about metal or amalgam fillings we at Arden Park Dental Care, can remove these existing fillings and use bonded fillings to create a more attractive appearance, giving you the assurance that your fillings no longer have any dangerous mercury content and enhancing your self confidence in your appearance.

If you have any concerns about existing fillings or the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, don't hesitate to discuss the matter with any member of staff at Arden Park Dental Care. You may be surprised to learn that bonded filling techniques can be used to rectify slight problems and give an inexpensive remedy which provides you with more confidence and enhances your smile considerably.

Bonded/Composite Filling Appointments

When you've made the decision to opt for a bonded filling you'll find that you only need one appointment to carry out the necessary work. You may need an injection of local anesthetic to numb the area so our doctor can safely prepare for the filling. The area where the filling is to be applied will be cleaned thoroughly and any accumulation of tartar will be removed. The area then needs to be kept dry while work  is carried out to shape and roughen the tooth. 

The doctor then applies an acid-based gel to the surface area which gives a better structure for the bonding composite to adhere onto. The composite is then applied directly to this etched area and exposed to a curing light for a few moments, which activates the composite material and allows it to harden. Where this filling is critical to your overall effective smile we may apply the composite filling material in very thin layers, so the correct shape, color and texture is achieved. Once the filling has the required appearance your filling is completed by polishing and buffing the composite material so it merges into the overall tooth appearance and structure.

You can discuss your concerns about your teeth  and the effectiveness of your smile when you visit Arden Park Dental Care and bonded fillings are one way you can achieve the look you desire. If you're searching for a caring and passionate dentist who can help you achieve the smile you desire and live in the Sacramento neighborhood, then contact our team now.