Crown Bridge Structure

Arden Park Dental Care | Sacramento Dentist | Crown BridgesCrown bridges are structures resembling teeth that are connected to crowns on either side and fill the gaps where teeth are missing. When you choose to fit a crown bridge you will instantly notice the following advantages:

  • restored confidence in your looks and ability to smile properly again
  • better eating abilities, as chewing foods is much easier with a full complement of teeth and your bite becomes more evenly distributed
  • facial shape is maintained
  • remaining teeth stay in original positions and don’t grow or move into gaps


We can talk you through all the available options and help you make the decision on the best crown bridge to suit your needs. Some bridge options include:

  • traditional bridges which consist of a crown for the teeth on either side of the gap with a replacement tooth or teeth built to fit into the gap between existing teeth. It is also possible to place implants either side of the area to be bridged. These crown bridges may consist of porcelain which is fused to a metal base or ceramics
  • cantilever bridges are used when there is only one available tooth beside the gap on which a crown can be fitted
  • Maryland bonded bridges or resin bonded bridges are plastic teeth and gums on a metal base which are bonded to existing teeth


You should expect to make at least two visits to your dentist if you decide to opt for crown bridges. At your first appointment the teeth (either side of the bridge) will need to be prepared for the crown fittings and impressions of your teeth will be taken so the dental laboratory can make your crowns and bridge fittings as close to the natural appearance of your teeth as possible. You will then have a temporary bridge fitted to protect the prepared area.

At your second appointment the temporary bridge will be removed and your new crowns and bridge will be put in place. Your dentist will check the fit of your new bridge and ensure your bite is acceptable. It is possible that the new crown bridge will be cemented into place on a temporary basis for a few weeks until the dentist is assured that your new bridge is a perfect fit to your mouth. Alternatively, the crown bridge could be cemented into permanent place at this second appointment.