Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sacramento, CA

Wisdom tooth removal in Arden Park

Wisdom tooth removal is the procedure of surgically extracting your wisdom teeth – the four molars on each corner of your mouth, on both the top and bottom. Most people’s wisdom teeth usually grow in when they are between 17 to 25 years of age, and in most cases, their dentist suggests that it is better to have them removed.
If you have any questions regarding whether you should have your wisdom teeth removed, seek out professional consultation from the team of dental professionals at Arden Park Dental Care. Some of the common reasons for wisdom tooth extraction are laid out below.

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When should wisdom teeth be removed?

Your wisdom teeth are impacted

Since wisdom teeth grow so far back inside your mouth, it is highly likely that they may be impacted, meaning that they don’t develop normally. They can even be trapped in your gums or jawbone, and this could result in swelling, infection and severe pain. If this happens, Dr. Formoli will have no choice but to extract your wisdom teeth.

Your wisdom teeth do not have space to grow

Your jaw may not have any extra space for a new set of molars to grow. This can, in turn, lead to impacted wisdom teeth.

You have gum disease or dental cavities

If you let your wisdom teeth grow out instead of removing them, there is a higher chance of developing certain gum diseases or even dental cavities. This is because you will find that dental floss or a toothbrush will not be able to reach your wisdom teeth properly for you to clean them. Even if you do not face any dental issues due to your wisdom teeth, Dr. Formoli still suggests extracting them in order to avoid potential complications in the future.

Your wisdom teeth grow at an abnormal angle

Again, if they do not have enough space to grow, your wisdom teeth will grow at an unusual angle, causing a lot of pain. For example, they may be pressed against your existing teeth.

Am I a candidate for wisdom tooth removal?

The American Dental Association recommends that people have their mouth checked before the age of 20 to see how their wisdom teeth are coming in and to check for impaction. Dr. Shahnaz Formoli can provide you with a full examination to determine if your wisdom teeth need to be removed.
If needed, the team at Arden Park Dental Care can remove the necessary molars in an outpatient procedure. Wisdom tooth removal is a form of major surgery. General anesthesia or local anesthesia are used to make the removal procedure more comfortable. It is common to experience some pain and discomfort after the surgery. Over-the-counter pain relievers or prescription painkillers, given to you by your surgeon, can help with the pain and discomfort. Wisdom teeth removal recovery time is three to four days, although it can be as long as one week.